Education and the Web Catalog

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Teachers should refer to the NPS Museum Manaqgement Program's Teaching with Museum Collections" for a full list of lesson plans by theme and park.

These include:

Additionally, several teaching resouces were created as part of the web catalog. See, as well, the Web Catalog blog for new information on the parks and their collections.

Wellness Module

Using the three parks below students will explore park pages, objects, and photos. They will review the different ways people, institutions and the government affected health. Students will write text for a virtual museum exhibit, learning from objects in the collections, and using objects from everyday life. They will learn about leading figures and organizations in this treatment, as well as the legacies they left behind.

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Trade Modules

As part of a recent National Archeology Day event, two exercises were created using the web catalog:

Hopewell Fur Trade

Web catalog blog