This searchable online database provides access to thousands of images and records from the National Park Service (NPS) museum collections. NPS museum collections include diverse disciplines and have unique associations with park cultural and natural resources, eminent figures, and park histories. Online visitors can perform simple or advanced searches by keyword, park name, object name, people, places, and date. Visitors can also browse or search collection highlights and park summaries.
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Wellness Module
Using the three parks below students will explore park pages, objects, and photos. They will review the different ways people, institutions and the government affected health. Students will write text for a virtual museum exhibit, learning from objects in the collections, and using objects from everyday life. They will learn about leading figures and organizations in this treatment, as well as the legacies they left behind.
These modules draw on the Museum Management Program Teaching with objects (see below)
As part of a National Archeology Day event, two exercises were created using the web catalog:
This project is an ongoing initiative. The records found in this database will vary in the level of detail. Records and images will be updated and added on a continued basis.

Follow the site blog for information on the upcoming changes and new parks.

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